Sunday, April 17, 2011

What Example Are You Setting?

As I was getting dressed this morning, I had to search for a slip to go under my dress. My dresser drawers need to be re-organized; I have a tendency to forget to put away clothes after they have been washed, so I am constanty looking for certain items.  Socks, underclothing, pajama bottoms, camisoles, slips.. I pondered if I needed a slip, but felt uncomfortable going to church without one.  My mom is a stickler for certain things and ladies wearing slips is one of them. If I went without one, I would run into her without a doubt or someone would comment. Why risk it?  I found a slip.

Today, many dresses are lined so there's no need for a slip.  According to the internet, slips are designed to make clothes lie smoother, to protect ladies from scratchy fabric, and to make their clothes less sheer. One of the most famous photographs of Diana, Princess of Wales, was a photo taken right after her engagement when she wasn't wearing a slip.  The sun shone right through her dress reflecting the outline of her long slender legs making her appear immodest. It caused a scandal. Oh, how the times have changed.. I teach high school.  Trust me... girls are not worried about their clothes being too revealing.  I am constantly asking girls to fix their shirts that are showing almost all of their cleavage.  I shake my head at the girls who wear brightly colored bras under light colored shirts. Boys wear their jeans so low that you see entire boxers. They want people to look.  What happened?

It's partially our fault.  The preacher spoke tonight on raising good Godly children.  To do so, we, as parents, have to model how the children are to behave. Don't worry...  He didn't speak on underclothing, but it goes along with my thought process of deciding whether or not I needed a slip.  I felt I needed one because my mom had brought me up to wear one.  My mom was my example. Taylor has served along side me as we worked VBS and  served on mission trips. He grew up volunteering. Taylor knows he needs to serve the Lord.  He has my sense of humor; he has my hand gestures..  He feels called to serve.  I want to believe that is my example.  I pray God keeps him safe while he is serving and always.

What example did you set today?


  1. I ask myself that EVERY day as I face my children at school. I find it hard that I have to talk to 6 year olds about their clothes, but I do. I also talk to them about the importance of showing anyone that might be looking the right way to behave. I wish more parents felt as you do...

  2. It's amazing to me that girls are offended when you ask them to fix their shirts. I don't want to see everything they have.

    I cleaned out my dresser drawers today and found a dozen slips. :) I may be old fashioned but I think there's something to be said for covering up...