Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kung Fu Kick - Wow...

On Wednesdays, Wild Wings runs a special.  For every order of wings you purchase, you get an equal order free.  It's a great deal.  Taylor and I often go and eat for less than $15, including drinks and fries.  Every other week, I go with my friends, Patsy and Ken. It's an inexpensive way to catch up over dinner. I love Wing Ding Wednesday!

During the months of April and May, the restaurant is testing new flavors.  There are two/week and you call in to vote for your favorite new flavor.  Taylor and I decided to play along tonight and tried the new marinades - Kung Fu Kick and Honey Please Curry. We tested the flavors before ordering by tasting fries dipped in the sauces.  They were delicious, so we ordered wings in these new flavors.  They were spicy! Taylor and I normally eat 8 wings/each rather quickly... Tonight, we ate rather slowly.  The wings heated up our mouths. Needless to say, the Kung Fu Kick was aptly named...  It definitely had a kick.  The Honey Please Curry had much more in common with curry than honey... With each bite, we wished that we had stuck to our old tried and true flavors.  I'm glad we tried them, but next trip, I'll order what I know I love.

If we had never tried them though, we might have missed out on a new fantastic favorite.  Never be afraid to try something new.

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