Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Finding The Good....

Some days are just rough.  This was definitely one of them. I am determined to find the good though.

Today was the day of my practice AP exam.  Students arrive at school early to take the three and a half hour test which means that I needed to arrive even earlier.  I was at school, in my room, by 6:45 a.m. rushing around to finalize all the things that needed to be finished before students arrived. Because it was so early, I could not stop by The Huddle, my favorite place to grab a morning biscuit and glass of tea.  I ran through McDonalds' drivethru.  However, my chicken biscuit hit the floorboard when my purse tipped over.  No biscuit for me this morning.  Not a good start... I didn't need those calories anyway.

The students walked in, sat down, and began working.  With less than two minutes left to go during the multiple choice portion of the test, a student asked to go to the nurse stating that she felt faint.  The nurse diagnosed the attack as stress-related.  The girl returned in tears.  Yep, going to be one of those days... Isn't it great that I have students who care so much about their grades that they feel faint over their performance on the practice test though?

The students are given a short break between the multiple choice section and the essay portion.  I provide snacks for them.  I have a tendency to feed my students.  Today, after I arrived and set up the class, I remembered that at least two of my students had given up sugar for Lent.  Most of the snacks I had bought contained sugar.  Off I went to find Brad, keeper of the canteen, to buy sugar-free snacks. I didn't mind this.  It means I have students honoring God. That's worth a few extra snacks.

The exam ends.  I take a short break myself during first lunch only to hear that the auditor has pulled one of my receipt books.  Student Council constantly writes receipts for the gazillion events we host.  Since they are teenagers, the students do not always fill the receipts out completely which I have reminded them about several times... Now the auditor has pulled a book to review.  Luckily, he has only a few minor complaints and Megan, the bookkeeper, has handled those.  Isn't it great to have wonderful co-workers?

I am helping the co-worker of Patsy, one of my close friends, tweak her National Boards entries. ~ Hi Heather!  I know you are reading this. :) ~ Her lesson was so cool, but the write-up needed a little polishing.  She took her students on an on-site field trip to explore the effect of temperature of changing states of matter (why snow does and does not melt).  They are in kindergarten and already doing hands-on science experiements.  Cool, cool, cool! I worked on it all during my planning period and then for some reason simply closed it.  Gone.  Lost.  Wiped away...  Seven pages of work vanished. Ummmm.... Really? The good in this is that I was even asked to look over her entries and I was so impressed with her science lesson.  I did it all again and it looks good.  :) PLUS, I reminded myself to always, always, always save my work...

After school, Student Council had a meeting for students who are willing to run for the Student Body officer slots next year.  Only two students came.  It is an extreme amount of work, and I am not the advisor next year.  The good?  The two that were there are simply amazing.

I left school at 4:45 pm. 10 hour day... I ran to let my parents' dogs out since my dad was having a heart cath today only to discover that both locks were locked and I only had a key to the deadbolt.  I pulled out my phone to call my mom only to find that my phone was dead...  This day is like a bad comedy by now..  I head to my house, plug the phone into the charger, and call my mom at the hospital.  She is not happy but she tells me to check if the back door key is on the key ring.  It was!!! The other good thing is that my sister who hates dogs was there earlier to let the dogs out... even if she did lock me out by locking both locks.  Now she knows better though.  Yay for sharing the doggie duties!

Headed to meet Patsy for dinner.  I am late by now, of course.  Dinner was great!  Patsy let me vent and laugh all the way to Greenville.  She truly is amazing. Her hubby, Ken, wouldn't let me pay for my dinner. Double Yay!!  I have wonderful friends!

Stopped back by my parents and arrived at the same time that my parents drove up.  Yay that my dad came home today!

Finished tweaking Heather's entry a second time.  Saved it this time. Lesson learned. I realized that I forgot  to finish making the test for my CP class tomorrow morning.  That is the good the students may find in this day tomorrow.... unless I get up early again tomorrow.... 

It's been a long day, but great things happened all day among the craziness.  I'll focus on that, but just in case.... How many days to Spring Break again???

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