Thursday, April 14, 2011

Well, Hello There World...

When I began this blog for Lent, I wrote that it would be the blog about nothing, the Seinfeld of blogs as it were. I think I've lived up to that prediction.  I sit down and for about twenty to thirty minutes every day I write to whoever stumbles across this blog about various things.  When I first started writing, I wasn't sure if anyone would read it.  Afterall, God didn't say start writing so that people will read; He said start writing to heal your broken heart over Taylor's enlistment.  The daily pouring out of my thoughts has accomplished that.  I made it through the day when Taylor signed his enlistment papers without a single tear which was a major accomplishment for me. The blog has helped me.

I did not expect to hear that so many people read my daily ramblings.  I have several friends tell me that they read daily or that they catch up on them every few days. My sister-in-law told Taylor last night that I should continue writing after Easter because she reads it.  It does give me a forum to talk about anything I have on my mind which I am beginning to think is my next big need.  Maybe God is telling me that I don't have to have solo conversations in my head when Taylor leaves.  I can blog and maybe, just maybe some of you will talk back.  See, it really makes my day when I see a comment on the blog.  The comments mean that I am actually talking to someone and not just typing to the universe in general.  Please talk to me! I'm actually not sure what steps are required to comment.  I have to sign in using a free Google account to blog. However, I have anonymous comments from time to time so you do not have to leave a name to comment. Go ahead... leave a comment. Let me know what you think...  Should I continue to blog after next Sunday?

Blogger (the site that hosts my blog) has an interesting tool that gives you statistics related to your blog.  While I have no idea WHO reads my blog unless you tell me, I can see which part of the world they are in.  I write about randomness and usually detail things in my part of the world. However, my stats say I have readers in 10 countries.  AMAZING!  I apparently have readers in Pakistan, Russia, Denmark, South Korea, India, Australia, China, Iran, Germany, and the US.  Wow...  I look every day at the audience bar to see if I have collected any new countries.  It's the blogger version of the license plate game. If you are reading this from another country, PLEASE comment.

As I am sitting here writing about people from around the world reading my words, I am smiling.  Not only because I am humbled that people think I have anything of note to say but also because God is so amazing.  He is using this blog as a mission.  People around the world are reading about the grace of God, about the power of God, about the truth of God. Our Great Redeemer helped me and then, He began using me to reach others in a blog about absolutely nothing. God is good all the time!


  1. you should most definently keep on blogging. i think this is great writting. God is amazing.

  2. Thank you! I enjoy writing it, and I plan on continuing for the time being.