Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Swearing In Day

Taylor and I traveled to Columbia today so that he could take his oath to officially join the Marine Corps. The love of my life, my heart that walks outside my body bravely raised his hand and duly swore to uphold the Constitution of this great nation of ours, to protect your freedom and mine even if it cost him his life to do so.  There is not a single person alive worthy of that sacrifice and yet, my beautiful baby boy promised to give his life to save ours.  Yes, I cried.

The commander who issues the oath for all poses for photographs with each newly sworn-in recruit if their parents are present.  He asked kindly if I was okay, and I nodded through the tears. Taylor assured him that they were simply tears of pride and he is right.  I am so proud of the young man he has became. I am also terrified of the dangers and hardships he will face as any mother would be. I am saddened that he will be far away and not sleeping soundly in the next room. I know this is his path, but I will miss him.

This was it until February 6th or whenever the Marines decide his actual departure date is.  He has almost ten months to prepare to leave.  I have ten months too...

I am proud of you, Taylor.  I love you more than life itself.

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