Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blogger Question

For you have read daily and are not bloggers, this does not count as my blog for the day... 

However, if you are a blogger, I have a question.

I linked an older post of mine today to a Blog Hop @  I am supposed to add her button here.  I have no clue how to do that or what the really means...HELP!

Sarah @, I got the idea for blog hopping from you, so... can you help me?

Thanks Everyone!  I'll be back to blog later... :)


  1. Just copy and paste the html code that is below her button (or should be) into your blog post. To do that just click on the edit html button on the top right hand side of your blog post, paste into there and then click back on compose and you should see it. If she doesn't have a code below her button, then you will just have to right click and save the button and then just upload it to your blog like a picture, but then it doesn't link back to her page. Hope this helps!!