Monday, April 4, 2011

That's What Friends Are For...

Taylor is at MEPS, the physical and testing portion of enlistment.  He will be standing around in his boxers tomorrow being poked and prodded to see if he meets the qualifications necessary to be a Marine.  We had a comical conversation about the appropriateness of his boxers last night.  Today's youth wear colorful designs on their shorts, no plain colors or stripes in his wardrobe.  He will catch flax about this tomorrow I am sure...  Choices get you every time.

I am also headed out.  The daughter of one of my best friend's is in school at College of Charleston and she is sick sick sick. She has already been to the infirmary and isn't getting better.  She needs to be home in her own bed, under the care of her own doctors (and her mom). We are headed to Charleston to pick her up. Every mom reading this understands why Donna is going.  Why am I?  Simple...  That's what friends are for.

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