Thursday, March 31, 2011

Finding The Hidden Treasures.. offers daily deals for different events, restaurants, stores, and services in the Greenville area for greatly reduced prices if you buy the deal online that day. There are normally great deals.  The true hidden treasure on the site, however, is at the bottom where they list one of the 365 Best Things to Do in Greenville every day. I have lived right outside of Greenville my entire life and have experienced some of the wonderful activities they suggest - Downtown Alive, Greenville Zoo, the Children's Museum.  One that jumped out at me is a place that I have never visited and could not find tonight as Taylor and I drove through downtown.  Where is The Northgate Soda Shop on North Main?

The Northgate Soda Shop is described as a 1950s inspired soda shop with plaques of famous customers and pictures of Greenville history adorning its walls.  It is said to be famous for the pimento cheeseburger.  If it is great, I want to go.  Where is it?

Easley may be the kid sister town of Greenville but we have a few hidden treasures of our own. Everyone knows that Joes Ice Cream Parlor is amazing, but Easley has some little known treats too. You just have to know where they are...

If you are hungry and looking for a tasty, fluffy biscuit like your grandma used to make for a low, low price, stop by The Huddle.  The biscuits are huge and come buttered with a few packs of jelly tossed in the bag. The best part?  They cost less than a dollar. Yum!!

Too late for breakfast?  Head out to Pumpkintown Grill for a burger.  There's absolutely nothing in Pumpkintown.  We learned this when we spent a year and a half living in a converted barn in the middle of nowhere.  We also learned that the absolute best burgers can be found for around $5 at the feed store on the corner at the one flashing light in the small town. Smoking is still allowed there, but the burgers are delicious. It's worth the ride.

If you don't want to drive the ten minutes to Pumpkintown, just drive across the railroad tracks to Michael's Pizzeria. The pizza is delicious. The subs are huge. The true hidden treasure, however, is Something Special. I'm not simply describing this treat; something special is the name.  I don't think it is listed on the menu, but you can order it for around $3.  It is the equivalent of a funnel cake made for sharing - fried dough balls topped with powdered sugar and laced with chocolate sauce.  Order it.  The entire table will thank you!

If you eat all three in a day or a week, you'll likely gain a few pounds.  You'd be happy though... Now, if I could just find that soda shop... Ideas anyone?


  1. tracy i map quested it and the directions say it's just pass croft st...if you reach Edge Ct you have went to far...also here is the phone number that was on the map 235-6770...might want to call and get a landmark that is near it;)

  2. Thanks!! I will have to get a landmark, because I have no clue where either of those streets are. :)

  3. I found it!! It's in the residential area past Thomas McAffee funeal home in Greenville on North Main. I had the Pimento Cheeseburger, fries, and slaw. Delicious! Taylor had the hotdogs and fries. Also delicious! He had tea, and I tried the Cherry Pepsi made fresh daily since it is a soda shop. Worth the trip!!