Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Savoring the Good Things

Today has been a wonderful day filled with a bevy of smile-inducing treats. Upon reading that, you may think it was a beautiful sun drenched day in the South.  You would be wrong.  It has been a cold and dreary day with so much rain that my principal made an announcement this morning asking all teachers to prepare for the amount of rain we would receive today. I'm not really sure how we were supposed to prepare since we stay inside all day, most days, but we were forewarned that it was going to rain... alot.. It was still a GREAT day because I remembered to savor the good things. Sometimes, It's all in how you look at things.

I like the rain.  Why?  Simple.  On rainy days, I get to wear my rain shoes.  I bought myself a great pair of Sperry rain shoes in December. They are just like the duck shoes we wore in high school except they are made by Sperry and come in different designs.  Mine are brown with plaid accents.  I absolutely love plaid for some reason and I smile every time I wear these shoes. It's the little things.

PLUS, today I had a brand new sweater to wear that was given to me for FREE! A co-worker of mine bought a sweater on sale and did not like the way it fit her.  She brought it to me, so free cute addition to the my wardrobe!  I love having new clothes to wear. This is me wearing my new sweater holding Bella.  She likes to be carried around much the same way that you would carry a toddler, and Taylor and I joke that she is telling on him for various imaginary wrongdoings when she runs to me to be held. I think it will be all the inside jokes that I will miss the most when Taylor leaves to join the Marines.

AND, I got to eat dinner with Taylor in Downtown Greenville tonight and while the best things in life may indeed be free, the best dessert in Greenville can be bought for only $1.89. If you are a dessert person, head immediately to Coffee Underground in Downtown Greenville. Walk down the stairs, into the coffee house, and order the Cream Cheese Brownie. This cupcake-shaped brownie (seen to the left in front of Taylor's graduation announcement) is filled with chocolate chips, has a piece of cheesecake in the center, and is topped with a layer of gooey fudge.  It is definitely not for the dieters among us, and if you gave up sweets for Lent, just wait... It is defintely worth the 40 day wait. I can say without a doubt that it is the most delicious thing I have ever bought for less than $2.  What a delicious way to end the day!


  1. I am definitely going to have to remember those cream cheese brownies the next time I am in Greenville!

  2. You need to, Wayne. They are sooooo good!!

  3. Sounds like you've got a principal who is geared to elementary students - stay inside and play indoor games at recess.