Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Little Things

I bought shampoo, soap, Excedrin Migraine, and socks today.  Before you log off thinking I have resorted to simply listing my WalMart list to fulfill today's blog, bear with me.  I bought Pantene shampoo; I picked up Olay Moisturizing soap. Colorful socks and migraine meds rounded out the purchase.  Why do any of these matter in the grand scheme of things?  Simple.  Today, I took care of myself.

My mom called me at 5:45 a.m. this morning.  My bedroom was dark when the phone rang and I was disoriented.  My phone says the name of the person calling when it rings, so to hear it say "Moma's Cell" during the night was startling.  She didn't want anything; she just wanted to talk and she felt like I would be awake that early.  We talked  a few minutes about nothing really and she hung up.  She wanted to catch up while she had time, to touch base, to check on her baby girl.  It was a little thing that she could do for herself right at that moment, so she did it. It made my day too.

Women get caught up in the whole idea that they have to continuously take care of others until they can steal away for a break - a girls weekend, a ladies retreat, a night out.  That's not true though.  Right now, today, you can do something small that will totoally change the outlook of your day.  I bought bright colored socks and soap that will make my skin feel soft.  Both made me smile.

There are endless possibilities here of things to do for yourself right this instant. Go sit on the porch and read or just watch the traffic go by. Call an old friend.  Call your mom.  Call your sister.  Call your husband at work just to say hey.  Go pick up your little one and read them a story. Play a board game with them. Turn off the television and actually talk to them. Log on to Netflix and watch an episode of your favorite television show.  Clean out your junk drawer. Play with your dog.  Take a nap. Pick up a magazine and read the article that interests you, not necessarily the one you feel you should read. Go take a long hot shower and wash your hair.  Use good soap. Clean out your purse. For every single thing that you need to discard (receipts, movie stubs, church bulletins, candy wrappers), remember how it ended up in there . Focus on how wonderful your life is, focus on what makes you smile.

I love to shop, and I usually check out clearnace before any other part of the store.  Last year, Taylor and I were in the mall.  I pointed out an outfit and commented on how pretty it was. He said try it on, and I laughed.  I"I don't dress like that, I said".  Taylor, brilliant young man that he is, asked why.  He pointed out that I always pointed out classic skirts, sweater sets, trousers... but I didn't wear them.  I felt like they belonged on someone fancier, more put together than me so I just looked at them.  However, he made me think.  Why didn't I wear the clothes I liked?  Of course, most of you, that's what I wear most days...  skirts, trousers, sweaters with chunky necklaces.  I always had a style; I just ignored it.  I bet you have one too... Log on to the site of your favorite store and browse.  Pick out the outfit you would buy if money was no object.  You don't have to buy it.  Look at several sites.  If your eye is continuously drawn to a certain style, you should try it on in person the next time you are at the mall, but in the meantime, you are becoming more you. It's another little thing you can do for you.

Since we are between seasons, this is also a great time to go shopping in your closet.  Pull out a few of your favorite spring fashions and see what you can mix with your winter wardrobe to make new outfits.  The clothes aren't new, but you haven't worn them in awhile.  It's like free shopping!

Hopefully, you have the point and you will go do something for yourself.   You do so much for everyone else.  Treat yourself as good as you treat everyone else.


  1. Oh how I love love love this post. Thank you SO much for linking up to Diminishing Lucy: Fat to Fit - the final one!

    The linky is changing next week and you have no idea how much THIS post of yours echoes EXACTLY my feelings of self nurturing.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the post! Women need to treat themselves more often!