Monday, March 28, 2011

Today Is The Day...

 Today was the day I had been dreading so completely.  Taylor, my beloved only child, signed his enlistment papers.  I expected to sob.  I expected to break down and heave heart-wrenching sobs.  Funny thing though. I didn't shed a single tear.  I watched with pride as Taylor signed his papers. He is certain of this decision, and so am I.

Look at Taylor in this picture. He is so completely filled with confidence, excitement, and happiness that tears never came.  I looked at this fine young man and thought who better to protect us? Who better to answer the noble call of service? Please keep him in your prayers as he goes for his physical and swearing in ceremony during the next month.  After those two steps, we can focus on graduation and enjoy the months until he enters basic training.

I prayed for peace about this decision, and God answered my prayers.  I'm proud of you, Taylor.  Ooo-rah.

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