Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cel-e-brate Good Times... Come On! Let's Celebrate...

It rained today. Not a huge detail, except when you are hosting a cookout at your house for your son's birthday to which about forty people are invited.  It was wonderful though despite the rain. People are what make celebrations great, not the details. Surround yourself with amazing people.

This is Taylor, Scotty, and Lucas who are being great sports and playing with the military-themed party decorations I bought.  The items might have been too young for them, but it is the people, not the details that make the fun... Both of these guys have been amazing friends to Taylor through the years.
It rained, so the cookout became a cook -in.  My brother-in-law is amazing and he actually cooked the hamburgers and hot dogs under his carport before transporting them over to our house. If you look closely, those are soccer chairs that the guys are sitting in...  This group is wonderful though; that's what really matters.  

This is Taylor's cake that his godmother, Pam, made for him.  She is one of those amazingly talented people who can make cakes like this.  The top layer was an entirely separate cake.  The number 18 was also displayed on each side of the cake. Delicious!

We forgot candles, and by the time we remembered, there were so many cars blocking the drive that we needed to improvise.  Yes, his candles were matches.  I'm betting the wish still counts.

Rain also presented problems getting to the house without getting soaked. The kids figured it out though... Jared had on rain shoes; Kathryn did not.  Most of the friends present were ones that Taylor had met in preschool or elementary school.  He met Jared and Kathryn volunteering at Salvation Army though.  The three clicked and became fast friends. 

Speaking of fast friends, this is G playing with my great-niece, Wrenn. G and I met 6 years ago when we began teaching at the same school. She became part of the family after opening her home to my entire family during an ice storm.  My niece was getting married and everyone was without power, except G.  She rescued the day, and joined our family.

G gets the last picture because she put it all into perspective this afternoon after the party.  I said it was a great party except for the cookout being inside, my nephew getting his car stuck in the mud, and Taylor's dad arriving late.  She responded... there was still food and laughter, he got his car out, and his dad was there.  he's exactly right.  Stay focused on the positives! Happy Birthday Taylor.  It has been a great day!

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  1. Awww, I got last mention!! That makes me feel so special like the last thought before going to bed in order to have good dreams :) You and your family have been so wonderful to me over the past six years and I am so grateful...thank you for those years of friendship and the years to come!!