Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Have No Gift For YOU... Pa rum pum pum pum...

Today is the start of Lent.  I have observed Lent since I was in college eating in the dining hall with my Catholic friends.  While I am not Catholic, I observe the forty days as a way to celebrate the sacrifice that Jesus willingly made for us all.  I have given up ice cream.  I have made the dreadful mistake of giving up reading for pleasure - that may have been the longest forty days of my life since reading to me is like air.  Last year, I gave up all bread which was incredibly hard since everything in the South is breaded.  This year, I prayed about what to give up, what sacrifice could I make to honor our Savior... and I was told to ADD something rather than subtract. Really?  My life is hectic.  My life is full.  My plate spills over most days.  Why would I add more?  God knows what He is doing though. He told me to write about the part of my life that comes now... the part that I am struggling to accept, the part I am afraid to face, the part where I become me again. So, I am blogging for Lent. 

Growing up, The Little Drummer Boy was my favorite Christmas songs.  I'll admit that I liked the pa rum pum pum pum refrain, but I also like the whole message of giving what you had to celebrate the Lord.  I cannot play the drum; it is not a talent I was given. I can write though, so pa rum pum pum pum. Here is my blog for Lent.

What will I write about???  Well, I haven't got that far yet.  It's about me trying to figure it all out and focusing on the positive.  I need your help if I am going to figure out how to live alone and create a full life after Taylor (my one and only child) enlists in the Marines.  It is the Seinfeld of blogs. It's about nothing and everything.  It's about life and that alone should offer 40 days worth of material.

I have no idea how to blog, of course...  I am not claiming to have anything of great value to say. I simply feel compelled to write daily during Lent.  I read blogs.  I follow a daily fashion blog called The Bombshell Beauty blog (  In it, Sara Bartlett from St Paul, MN posts what she wears daily along with witty comments.  She's plus-sized, looks great, and loves fashion. It's cool to see what Sara is wearing and get ideas about fashion, so maybe I'll do a little of that... I have a Facebook friend who blogs about the adventures of her newborn daughter, and a friend from high school who is a professional blogger (  They blog about their lives as moms, so why not a blog about a mom letting go. Of course, there is the movie Julie and Julia and about the lady who blogs while she tests every recipe in The Joy of Cooking. Maybe I'll throw in a few recipes along the way.  I don't cook often, but I make a few things amazingly well. Maybe I'll do restaurant reviews or book reviews because I absolutely love to read. Yes, my friends, this will be the completely random blog.  Life is made up of a gazillion different things.  Why shouldn't my blog be?


  1. Yes indeed! Why shouldn't it be? Get on with it, already. :) xo

  2. Great start on the blog Tracy. I don't do anything special for Lent, but this year it looks like I may commit to following a new blog!

  3. Thanks Wayne and Megan! We'll see how it goes, but it was great to see followers and comments on my first day!

  4. How did God let you know you should write for Lent?

  5. I pray about Lent every year. I do not just randomly choose something to give up. The idea of blogging kept coming to me as what I should do for Lent, and I kept ignoring it. Then, several people over the course of two days told me that I could TAKE UP something rather than give up something. Every time they said it, blogging immediately came to my mind. It was an overwhelming feeling of this is what I should do for Lent. When you follow God, you just feel at peace... You know it is what you are supposed to do.