Friday, May 6, 2011

Motherhood Should Come With A Warning..

The day Taylor was born was peaceful and calm and fun.  You wouldn't think those would be the words I would choose considering the fact that both of us almost died during his delivery; however, I remember being so excited to meet this little baby that I had carried inside my body for the last nine months and inside my dreams since I was a little girl. He was in distress and was born without a heartbeat, without a pulse, without a cry.  He fought to live, and is the wonderfully tall young future Marine that brightens my life daily.

I remember the moment I was first allowed to hold him, this dream come true.  My heart expanded.  I tell people that and they look at me strangely, and yet, it is true.  My heart grew the moment I first held Taylor.  I understood love.  I knew complete and utter devotion.  I knew that my heart would never again be mine. I was a mother.

Yes, my friends, motherhood should come with a warning... You will never again be you; you will be a mom.


  1. so beautifully and wonderfully put. Thank you for sharing your story & heart. It's something that binds us moms together in hearing one another's birth stories.

  2. I like this is how you choose to remember his birth. I do something similar with my eldest as well. Great quote and so apt.

  3. Thanks! Taylor stayed in the hospital for weeks after I was discharged. At one point, the doctors told us to say our goodbyes. He is a miracle, an answered prayer, a benefactor of modern scientific research. I have been blessed to be his mom for the last 18 years.