Thursday, May 19, 2011

And Then You Get Back On...

I've always been told that when a horse throws you off, you must get back on again; if your heart gets broken, then there's another, even more perfect person waiting for you; if a door shuts, a window opens. I beleive all these pithy sayings, and therefore, I am back on.  I have not written in over a week.  I have missed stopping to put words on paper or a computer screen as it were. Life has been incredibly busy.

My doctorate classes have begun, and I am reading about a gazillion fascinating things. The brain is amazing, and the fact that one small part orchestrates everything is pretty cool to me. Human Resources was my first career, so it has been nice to revisit it as I read my required chapters and prepare to write, write, write. Curriculum is my current obsession, so I am excited to explore it in detail.  I love learning new things! I may even share a few things with you along the way.

Tomorrow is Class Day.  Taylor will march in as a senior in his cap and gown.  Tears will flow.  Maybe.. I'll even blog about it.

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