Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bite-sized Goodness

One of Taylor's favorite meals is beans and corn bread. It's easy to make; you simply allow the beans to cook in a slow cooker during the day and then, make a cake of corn bread.  Taylor will snack on the corn bread for the next couple of days.  He loves my corn bread; I love knowing that I make something he enjoys like I enjoyed my grandmother's famous biscuits. Tonight, I gave the cornbread a twist though.

Taylor and I attended an auction this afternoon.  While Taylor bought six fishing rods and antique fishing gear, I bought a box overflowing with baking pans.  There were muffins tins of all sizes, cakes pans in various shapes, and even an apple corer for pies. The tins made me want to bake, so I did. I made 36 mini corn muffins and 30 brownie bites. They were delicious!


Taylor ate a bowl containing half a dozen without any beans to go with them.  I ate three myself and shared another three with Bella, who proceeded to gobble them down and then, toss out all of her dog food looking for more. YUM!

Change is good! Taylor loves my regular corn bread, but he also loved these mini corn muffins. Switching things up helps us break out of ruts.  Which of your favorite recipes can you switch up this week?

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  1. LOVE this!!!! I can see all 3 of you enjoying the fruits of your shopping! I read this whole week's blogs and can be right there with you all. Know you stay in my prayers for safety and ending of fear...for Taylor and his new beginnings...for you and your studies...LOVE you!!