Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ten Years Later... It's Time...

A little over ten years ago, I changed careers. I used to work in corporate America and then, I became a teacher.  I can say that so simply these days. At the time, it involved many sleepless nights, tears, prayers, and going without what I thought the necessities in life were. I didn't doubt that I was doing the right thing.  I knew I was following God's plan for my life; it was simply way more uncomfortable than I wanted it to be.

When Taylor and I were forced to move from our dream home, I begged at the altar. I didn't want to leave the horses in the field on one side and cattle across the street.  I wanted Taylor to continue to sleep in the room Cricket and I had hand-stenciled late at night and play in the sports-themed room. I wanted to answer God's call on my terms. Some of you are smiling.  You know it doesn't work that way. God doesn't bargain with you. He does, however, provide everything you need.  We moved in with my gradnmother and she adored Taylor. He has so many memories that he would not have had if God had let us stay in that house we loved so much.God knows what He is doing.

At this time, I knew that God was calling me to Africa. I annswered "yes".  I told Taylor we were going to Africa,and he was all in.  I have an amazing child.  I had already uprooted his entire life and now, I am saying we are going far away from everything and do whatever, and he says fine.  For months, when my phone was powering up, it said "YES! GOD! YES!" I accepted but it wasn't the time. 

Now is the time!! The Mount, a church in Clemson SC, is taking a mission trip to Africa. I am going as part of that group. I know you can't see me, but I am smiling when I type this. I was going to include pcitures from the slideshow shown at the initial meeting held last week until I realized that there was no slideshow.  Those images are simply in my head.  They're brilliantly clear images of the school we are visiting, of the ministry that we will host. There are babies to be held and sang lullabyes. I can see a little girl with this radiant smile despite the faded dress is she is wearing. I can see them because now is the time. I am called to Africa. The only answer is YES.

The trip will cost around $4,000. Ah, you say, this is where you ask us for money. It's not. See, my God has called me to Africa.  He will provide the funding and yes, it may be from you - that is between you and God. If He lays it on your heart to help me with funding, He will provide the money He asks you to give and bless you for doing so.  I simply want you to pray.  I am not asking you to toss in a "remember Tracy as she plans for Africa" throwaway line in your nightly prayers.  I want you to truly pray that God will open up the path He will have us walk on this trip, that He will go before and prepare the hearts that will accept Him while we are there, that He will be glorified in everything we do over there. Pray... because now is the time.

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