Sunday, November 10, 2013

Stop Spending and See...

I had the best lunch today after church.  Savory roast over rice with green beans and cornbread muffins. I even had enough leftover for lunch one day this week. The best part? It didn't cost me anything. I had everything on hand already.

I have a tendency to stock up on canned goods when I see a good sale.  I know that I will use the vegetables eventually so I buy several cans.  I do the same with muffin mix, meat, soup, pasta, you name it... I do not like to pass up good sales. However, then I don't use them. I am tired when I get off work so I run through a drive through.  Friends ask me to go to dinner and I happily accept. I noticed I had a freezer full of food the other day when I was trying to wedge the ice cream I had bought on sale in the other week and I decided that I was not going to buy another thing until I had used what I already had. I am going to do No Spend November!

Lets don't get crazy with this idea.  I must pay my bills, buy gas to go to work, and pay tithes. Other than that though, I am trying to not spend money. It is really hard... I am using the things in my freezer and cabinets that have sat there staring out at me for weeks.  Salmon is good for me afterall.. Frozen pizza not so much but hey.. it has already been purchased... I am cooking more and home cooked meals just taste better somehow. I am saving money too which is awesome since I plan to head to Japan for Christmas.

I have realized that I am really spoiled. Like so many things in life, God blesses us with what we need and yet, we set it aside to take what we view as the easier route. We have left so many great and wonderful things to sit and wait while we spend our time, talents, and yes... money on inferior things. What do you have right now that you are not using? Why aren't you using it? If it is because it is easier not to, stop. Take advantage of what you already have. You don't need anything else.

Join me in No Spend November!! See how God blesses us when we use what He has already provided.

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